Difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

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The difference between artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning should be clearly explained as both these terms are interrelated.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is the science and development of computers that don’t require any human intelligence.  It is surprising that in the past the chess playing game was also considered artificial intelligence in which computers can be the second partner. The computer as a second player can play and make strategies that might be considered chess games as artificial intelligence, but with the development of computers, we came to know, it is only a basic game so it is not artificial intelligence and now it is part of every operating system. Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science that deals with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers. If computers imitate intelligent human behavior, they are called artificial intelligence. If the computer becomes able to perform those specific tasks that usually require human interaction that is also artificial intelligence.

These tasks include speech recognition, decision making, and the translation of one language into another. The main vision behind artificial intelligence is to increase the chances of success and to provide the best solution. Artificial intelligence improves the capability of computers to do things that is impossible to do in the past.

Machine language

Machine language is the study of computer algorithms that allow the computer to improve automatically through the experience.  In simple terms, we can say machine learning is a subset of Artificial intelligence. Thus, we can say all machine learning counts in artificial intelligence but not all Artificial intelligence is machine learning. So this is the main difference between artificial intelligence and machine language. We can explain the difference between the two terms by taking some examples of life symbolic logic-rules engines, expert systems, and knowledge graphs are all included in artificial intelligence but none of the above is machine learning. To get practical experience in machine learning checks the latest internship in machine learning. Machine learning internship Training in machine learning entails giving a lot of data to the algorithm and allowing it to learn more about the processed information.

A question arises, why the knowledge graphs and expert systems are not machine language?   The knowledge graphs and expert systems have the ability to modify itself when more data is fed with human interactions. While machine learning is dynamic and it doesn’t require human interaction to make some changes. And this makes it less brittle and less reliant on the human experts. In machine learning algorithms require knowledge through experience and this is the main difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning. Machine learning relies on big data sets to find the required common patterns from the fed data.

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