Choosing a dissertation topic can be difficult if you have not done intensive research on areas you are interested to cover. The wrong choice of topic can make your project bad and your efforts wasted. When preparing to write a PhD dissertation on e-learning, you can learn amazing facts about the subject through your research on various e-learning topics. E-learning has existed since the 1980s and has improved with modern technological advancement. It has created many fields on which you can focus your e-learning dissertation. Here are some of the top ideas in e-learning that you can research before deciding the specific topics on e-learning.

  1. Investigating the impact of e-learning on the performance of students

Such an investigation is one of the most common topics on e-learning that you can tackle with your unique approach. You could assess the performance of students based on marks before and after the introduction of e-learning. It will help your dissertation in determining if e-learning or the classroom is effective in fostering better student performance.

  1. Analyzing the effects of the design of the e-learning user interface on student satisfaction

An e-learning dissertation covering such a study will focus on the design of the user interface of e-learning in relation to students’ level of satisfaction. The ease of navigation and the system’s search tool will help you evaluate students’ satisfaction levels.

  1. Use of Big Data Analytics for the improvement of e-learning services

Big data analytics helps researchers determine the population of consumers or users of particular products or services and their preferences. Investigating big data analytics can help you shed light on how such a system can be used to improve services offered on e-learning platforms.

  1. Investigation of the origin, the current trends in e-learning, and the future of e-learning

A dissertation topic based on trends and origins will require you to use secondary data sources to establish trends and evolution in e-learning. From the information based on origin and trends, you could draw conclusions about the future of e-learning. To keep your dissertation relevant with in-depth arguments, you will need to cover all aspects of the current e-learning modes and structures.

  1. Analyzing the integration of virtual reality and e-learning effects on studies

Virtual reality is a field in artificial intelligence where a student can interact with 3D objects in a setup of a virtual world. Exploring such a topic will provide insight into enhancing student learning when virtual reality and e-learning are integrated. Providing recommendations on ways of creating the integration to benefit students will make your paper unique.


A good e-learning dissertation topic needs to be from the most recent happenings affecting the e-learning experience. The choice of topic should be well clarified and defined. Keep it simple enough but relevant. Ensure it is a topic you can easily gather information about. It should apply to the current trends in the world to make it productive to the reader and generate ideas. Achieving academic excellence will require you to write professionally, adhering to the set rules of writing and guidelines by your instructor to produce a quality dissertation. There is much that can be covered in e-learning with the technological advancement that bridges the geographic barriers. E-learning provides students with necessary tools and an inside-classroom feeling by creating the possibility of sharing all kinds of reading material in all formats.