top machine learning hardware

Top Machine Learning Hardware

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Hardware Software Sync:

Machine Learning, a well-defined branch of Artificial Intelligence. We can say that it is impossible for AI to move forward a single step by lagging the subject of Machine Learning.  Machine Learning deals with codes and algorithms that are usually declared as software to run AI systems. It is difficult for the systems to run a software or a piece of the program without any support of specific hardware. For example, a laptop or PC without any operating system software is of no use. So, we can say that field of computers or machines is a blend of both hardware and software. You can learn about machine learning by reading the list of top 10 machine learning books in 2021.

Top Machine Learning Hardware:

To describe the machine learning hardware, we are explaining here right from the base. So, readers can get the desired objective of this blog. Machines and computers used in daily life contain CPUs (Central Processing Units) that are used for serial operations. The purpose of CPUs is to assist advanced logic. Whereas a smaller number of cores are used in the architecture of CPUs. The part of CPU declared as the core is ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit). However, cache memory is high to perform quick actions for complex commands. On the other hands, GPUs contains hundreds of ALUs for computation purpose. This helps to make throughput high. You can earn a lot of money by adopting machine learning career. You can learn about machine learning engineer salary.

Advanced Machine Learning Hardware:

By the passage of time dependency of humans over machines is increasing. Even complex tasks are accomplished by machines and the involvement of the human mind is minimized. To perform such tasks “Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) are developed. Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) is a valid example of such integrated circuits.

Advanced Machine Learning Hardware uses FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) for the implementation of Neural Networks. A customizable machine learning hardware device based on logic gates. These logic gates are programmed by Hardware Description Language. The most complex part of FPGAs is to implement a Machine Learning framework. This framework is usually written as a script in Python or any other higher-level language. FPGAs perform computation based on a large number of memory units. FPGAs are fully optimized and contain adaptable architecture due to which throughput is increased. FPGAs require a very low amount of power therefore they are much helpful for embedded applications. In Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in vehicles FPGAs are accepted as safety standards. You can earn a huge amount of money by adopting a machine learning career. You can learn about the salaries of machine learning engineer Salary.

For parallel computing power, Tensorflow uses CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture).  Multiple cores are accessed by the CUDA which are then abstracted in the block. Each block has a vicinity of 512 threads and 65535 blocks can run simultaneously. Therefore, it is a great advantage in Tensorflow to run thousands of threads at the same time. The same step is also known as GPGPU (General Purpose GPU) programming. As we all know that deep learning models need thousands of arithmetic operations to perform. Therefore, this technique can be adapted to form Deep Learning models. You can enhance your skills of machine learning by reading our best article “Top 10 machine learning books in 2021”.

Modern AI is difficult to implement for normal CPUs. To deal with an excessive amount of processing, different kinds of machine learning hardware are available that include TPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, CUDA, and many more to support larger tasks and get desired results.

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