Machine Learning Dissertation Topics: Sample Ideas

Any data scientist needs to be updated on the existing current research from academia. Various platforms can provide the latest news and trends that are attractive for further research. Research materials in the field can be present in PhD. dissertations written by scholars motivated to research creative topics with discoveries. Here are some machine learning dissertation topics that are appealing and explorative that you can choose from to expand your knowledge.

  1. Analysis for non-convex optimization problems and algorithms in machine learning

Non-convex optimization problems can be one of the machine learning dissertation ideas best for your dissertation. You can develop efficient algorithms and use theoretical analysis to the non-convex optimization problem using machine learning knowledge. Research on non-convex optimization problems provides a better understanding of optimization landscapes when dealing with one-hidden layer networks that have Rectified Linear activation functions.

  1. Wearable sensors and machine learning for recognition of everyday activities

Wearable technological devices have been developed over the years, and demand is steadily rising, with reliability on sensors becoming great. Fitness monitoring equipment plus other sensors technology are more affordable and accessible. With the limited shared benefits of the sensors technology, there is a need for exploration and the development of machine learning techniques to promote real-time health monitoring by using wearable device systems.  With two-tier recognition systems, health activities in a natural setting can be identified based on data of ordinary activities from the accelerometer.

  1. Deep in-memory computing

Data analytics embedding in platforms with sensors such as wearables, robots, Internet-of-Things and biomedical devices is a developing technological field with much to research. A dissertation topic on the deep in-memory accelerator can solve the problems of memory access latency and issues related to memory-intensive inference applications.

  1. Machine learning, algorithms and speech

Research on machine learning, algorithms and speech is an exciting field with the waging arguments of courts concerning First Amendment defences associated with new technology. Algorithmic output and computed dissemination of data are argued as being “speech” requiring constitutional protection. A new approach to determining what is “speech” to guard individual autonomy, democracy and marketplace of ideas should be the point of focus for such research.

  1. Classification with the large sparse dataset

In the significant data era, sparse and large datasets are common. Data needs to be classified to promote data efficiency and effectiveness. Choosing such a dissertation topic will help you cover efficient learning of non-linear data structures and understand convergence behaviour.

  1. Collaborative cyberbullying detection in Twitter data

The increasing undesirable behaviours in Twitter as Twitter data increases calls for combating cyberbullying for its unpleasant consequences. Analyzing tweets in real-time made possible can be a research area that can make your dissertation adopt the distributed-collaborative approach to help combat cyberbullying.

  1. Scalable manifold learning

The manifold learning field is among machine learning dissertation topics that are yet to be explored largely. Finding solutions will require you to intrinsically understand data sets. Such knowledge of scalable manifold and open-source software can significantly influence the demand for big data in the current technological era.

  1. Artificial neural networks

A dissertation topic covering artificial neural networks could shed light on Extreme Learning Machine extensions for non-typical to solve problems related to Artificial Neural Networks. Extreme Learning Machine algorithm is among those that take less time to train a model.

  1. Crowd-powered machine learning

Dissertation topics machine learning for intelligent management can be a research topic good for training and evaluation purposes when it comes to data. Finding ways to manage processes involving crowd-powered data gathering can be a considerable step towards autonomous agents.

  1. System-aware optimization

As datasets increase in size and become complex, optimizing new computing systems can be among the great machine learning dissertation ideas you could be interested to research. Covering the optimization phase will involve analyzing the effects of system-aware machine learning through optimization. Overall performance could be measured by accuracy and converge rate to build on your theory and research methods.